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Please take a moment to meet our Affiliate Members. These members add so much to our community and are a great resource for us.


MOJO Pelvic Health

Services Offered: Fertility care, Pregnancy Care, Post Partum recovery, Scar Tissue Remediation for Cesarean and Perineal Scars, Treatment for: Incontinence, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Pain, Symphysis Pubis Pain, SI Pain, Sciatica, Pain with tampons, sex, Ob/Gyn exams, Period or Ovulation Pain, pelvic floor weakness, bowel and bladder issues.

Member Since: 2020


Phone: 901-244-3800

MOJO Pelvic Health provides pelvic health physical therapy for fertility care, pregnancy care, support, and birth prep. We also aim to provide post partum care for every mother for every birth for both vaginal and Cesarean births. We offer 1:1 care to women in 3 locations: Midtown (Sundara Wellness), Cordova/Germantown (Midsouth Ortho Rehab), Southaven (Moye PT), and Jonesboro AR. We also see patients of Engbretson Center for Women, Martin, Lee & Page OBGYN, and Women's Health Specialists in their offices.

We believe every woman needs and deserves this care and are working to normalize pregnancy and post partum care in the Memphis area. Pelvic PT is covered under your physical therapy benefits if you have health insurance and you do not need a doctor's referral to start care. Contact us below to come see one of our highly trained pelvic health physical therapists or to learn more about what we offer.

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