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Kimberly Alston - CPM-TN

Services Offered: Midwifery, Monitrice

Member Since 2013



Phone: 901-315-0835

I am a wife and mother of six children. After receiving my BA from Crichton College in 1998, I took time to start my precious family before beginning birth work.


My motivation in becoming a midwife and monitrice began with the personal desire to serve women and to enhance my own education of birth. I grew up surrounded by a family of loving, strong women and I saw how important it is to come alongside and support one another during life-changing moments. Pregnancy, childbirth and the bonding between mother and baby are some of the most transformational times in life. I believe strongly in the power and normalcy of birth, and I find incredible joy watching this miracle unfold with each family I serve.


I am a licensed midwife with Abundant Life Midwifery serving in Tennessee and Mississippi. As a midwife, I enjoy equipping families as they walk through the pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care in the comfort of their own home.


For my clients who choose a hospital delivery, yet desire support while laboring at home and access to the Midwifery model of care, I offer monitrice services.


My desire for each family is to serve alongside them as they choose their own birth experience. I want to equip each family with knowledge, confidence, techniques, education and support while we walk through this unique journey together.


In my free time I enjoy studying about herbs and essential oil‘s, gardening and having fun with my family.

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