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MBC Social Workers / Counselors


Sharena Thomas - LMSW

Services Offered: Labor Doula,

Member Since 2020


Phone: (205) 4921042

 Sharena is a native of Georgia but has been in Memphis for the past 5 years. She received her Masters degree in Social Work from Florida State University with a focus on social policy and administration. Now an LMSW, her focus is on clients' physical and mental well-being as well as emotional health. She became interested in being a Doula after becoming aware of the staggering rate of maternal mortality amongst women of color. She realized that many women were not being treated fairly during childbirth and made it her mission to join the birth world in order to help change the trajectory of outcomes. Sharena strives to bring information and comfort to child birth in hopes that women have confidence in navigating their birth and ultimately have the best possible birthing experience. 

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